Karyn Housh

Research Associate

Karyn Housh is currently a third-year Learning Sciences Ph.D. student in the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology at Indiana University Bloomington. Her Biochemistry and Biology background instilled within her a love of quantitative methodologies, and her recent experiences in the Learning Sciences Ph.D. program have extended that feeling to mixed methods research.


Karyn left her home of  Trinidad and Tobago to come to Indiana University and since her arrival she has been a involved in research developing assessment tools in various science domains where assessments are designed and embedded into simulations and learning progressions are constructed and mapped unto each question of each task. Additionally, upon joining this group, Karyn has begun to explore effect sizes within positive psychology as my more inquiry focused research area. Her research interests include science, technology, underrepresentation in STEM, online learning, HCI and design and both qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry.